Here in my new home online, you’ll find information about upcoming projects, a little about me and my writing, and links to all my books. I hope this site will also make it easy for us to communicate. I love to hear from you and this site will allow me to share thoughts as well as upcoming releases and events. If you have comments or questions, please send me a message through the Contact page.

From the recliner where I write in my actual home, I can see the bend of the horizon, proving the earth is indeed round. To my left, a stony crag populated with scrub oak and pines attracts a red-tailed hawk. Hummingbirds dive and hover at my feeder then wing off into a sky so huge and achingly blue, adrift with morphing clouds, lightning sometimes, a moon too big to be real.  Around me in various poses lounge three cats and a dog—who’s pretty sure she is a cat.

In my home, a 97-year-old man dozes over his book, a tiny magical child dances on her tiptoes, my mostly grown sons, daughter, and a couple of in-laws, along with my husband form a tapestry of life within which I weave tales of darkness and light, courage and fear, love and longing.

Welcome to my world.